Grace Walk in Everyday Life - MP3 Set
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The Grace Walk in Everyday Life

What does it look like?

Evangelism In Grace
Evangelism is God’s gift to us, not our duty toward Him and others. In this session, you will discover how to evangelize effortlessly as you simply love other people in a way that will draw them to Christ.

Grace Filled Living In The Church
What are the signs of legalism in a church? What do you do if you find yourself in one? This teaching will equip you to be a grace filled missionary in your local congregation.

Relating To People As Jesus Does
Whether it’s your mate, your children, coworkers or friends, relating to people the way Jesus does is the grace walk way of life. This session covers the key elements in allowing Christ to express His love and life toward others through you in a way that builds meaningful relationships.

Teaching Time: 3 Hours - MP3 Format | 50MB


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